Why Are Private Blog Networks Considered Bad for Backlinks?

A private blog network alludes to a system that encompasses numerous locales or blogs, being controlled by a solitary company or person. Why do individuals settle on constructing private blog networks? It’s entirely self-evident – for designating backlinks to a larger site that are alluded to as the “money locales”. Right now, backlinks are considered critical in growing a site’s perceivability and its Google rankings. Building backlinks on a Private blog network is a means through which they can obtain better rankings.

Symptoms to blog networks

After having put a considerable amount of money in constructing your blog network, the chances are you will have managed to earn a lot of money. Things being what they are, what is it that makes them bad for backlinks , and what are the symptoms attached?

The dangers

While there are a lot of SEO specialists that are greatly careful while constructing a blog network, there are still loads of dangers. Indeed, even with a lot of planning, the dangers exceed the alleged rewards. Most importantly, creating a blog network costs a considerable aggregate of money. Each site that you incorporate has to be effectively set up, and this requires a considerable measure of money. Not to mention the amount of work that is included. In any case, what are those dangers we’re talking about? All things considered, to start with, we have the dreaded Google penalties. Google warnings state that blog network destinations are liable to get penalized because of “thin content” or different reasons. In this regard, Google has started penalizing locales that encompassed joins originating from them. Google also regularly updates its algorithms. In this direction, it is assumed that it has established an algorithm to settle which locales get backlinks from private blog networks.

In the fall of 2014, a broad range of leading internet marketers has lost their rankings and earnings, because of Google’s algorithm changes.

  • It’s difficult to monetize network destinations

It’s clear that it’s very difficult to monetize blog networks. It’s not prescribed for you to incorporate various ads and affiliate connects that immediate clients to different destinations you claim. Unquestionably you could utilize Amazon affiliate joins, for instance, as well as different merchants, yet this is constrained.

  • Too much work

Building a blog network quickly includes a significant amount of dreary work. To start with, you have the domain research, afterward, you have to set up the site, not to mention all the tracking you have to do. Typically, there’s more work attached to a blog network than to creating a regular website. After managing to set up your websites, domains and facilitating, you have to convey top notch content. It’s superbly evident that you ought to avoid utilizing spun content – it’s prone to be identified.

  • Increased overhead cost structure

The greater majority of SEO specialists utilize various web has for each particular webpage. Despite the fact that, generally speaking, facilitating is overall economical, when you have up to 50 accounts, the expenses eventually add up.


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