Welcome to the World of Digital Marketing

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that this is the age of the digital king. Everything we do from shopping to eating to finding a job is now done in a digital manner. This being true, why would any business not include digital marketing in their marketing mix? While most businesses know that creating a website is a given in any business environment, there are some new wrinkles to the idea of how a digital marketing campaign works and what it looks like.

Whether you are a car dealership owner looking at the latest car dealer CRM or the owner of a brick and mortar retail store who wants more customers, digital marketing is here to stay. But like everything in this world, it is going through changes. Here are a few things to watch in the coming year when you are making your digital marketing plans.

The Influencer

We all have seen marketing campaigns with these as the pivotal point. An influencer is someone that is either quoted in a marketing campaign or an celebrity that is the center of it. In either case, they are bound to influence that audience. Up until now they have mostly been celebrities that have enticed us to believe our lives can soon resemble those through the use of the product they are flogging.

That is about to change as we see influencers in digital marketing that most closely resemble their audience. The idea is they are us, and we therefore should just naturally use what they say they use. Shifts in perception of who influences our buying will change as the internet connects us in different ways.

Real ROI Required

One of the biggest measurements of the success of any kind of marketing campaign is the return on investment or ROI. Advertising firms use it as a yardstick of their own ability to sell and will pull it out when pitching for new clients. But in today’s statistic driven world more and more of these clients will demand to see the numbers behind the ROI to know if the numbers they are seeing reflect actual involvement.

This new requirement to see ROI that is grounded in true interest and actual sales will be the yardstick that more and more companies are using to measure success. It isn’t enough that someone comes to your site and clicks around, they have to actually engage. As this requirement for more detail in the ROI reports begin to bubble to the surface expect to see a finer tuned digital marketing campaign emerge as the norm.

The Emergence of the Niche

One of the big changes in digital marketing has been the growth of niche marketing over the last few years. Expect to see this trend grow as our target markets become more clearly defined. The internet has always been the place to find that niche market, but with today’s more sophisticated digital marketing campaigns the ascendancy of the niche will make this more important than ever.

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