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Success Tales of Magento Ecommerce Development

Magento has built itself among the most competent ecommerce web design platforms. It’s robust features and efficient development tools haven’t only managed to get a popular one of the ecommerce developers, but also have trained with the trust from the leading brands. Magento is just about the development platform of a few of the world’s leading brands. The showcase in the official site includes a few of the leading brands worldwide. Further, additionally, it houses the success tales of countless other clients who’ve been in a position to grow their sales with the aid of Magento development.

Magento helps some famous brands to update their sites which help them to generate a brand new look and then leave an enduring impression on their own visitors. Described here are four such brands which have used Magento to construct ravishing websites.

Harvey Nichols

This upmarket mall chain is among the most famous places to buy branded cloths, accessories, beauty items, wine and food. The internet store from the shop continues to be superbly integrated with factors that clearly reflect the sophistication the physical store offers. Among the best features concerning the website is the mixture of exquisite design with impelling content. The gorgeous display of merchandise and the simplicity of navigation will certainly cause you to praise the job made by the Magento website designer.


This a person’s an worldwide social commerce site that had around 19 million people by This summer 2011. Plenty of activities occur within the site like watching videos, answering questions and polls and getting products, etc. Unquestionably, the website needs a robust platform where there must be aesthetic integrity, and also the developer should have labored very smartly and it has effectively used Magento’s development tools to construct this type of site.

Escape Studios

Founded in April 2002, Escape Studios boasts to be among the first and finest schools for animation and visual effects and also training. If this found the internet information on the website, this esteemed school entrusted Magento for supplying its clients and it is students using its reliable services. The website is made having a well-organized structure and also the content continues to be nicely fused using the design.

Oneida Limited

Among the world’s largest designers and sellers of silver-plated and stainless utensils, Oneida serves its customers with classy products therefore, the state site of the company must also be top-class. With the aid of Magento, Oneida has had the ability to bring exactly the same class and magnificence to the site too. Oneida’s official site strongly displays its beautiful utensils and tabletop items that include chic dinnerware, glasses and very stemware.

Probably the most outstanding factor concerning the website is its navigation that clearly demarcates the different groups and enables people to easily search their preferred products.

Oneida’s success story can also be shown on Magento’s official site. Oneida needed an internet site that needed being scalable and versatile. Since, the organization has already been a recognised one it certainly resulted in it needed concentrating on merchandising and retention. With the aid of Magento, the organization was effective in applying all of the features it needed for that proper development of the website.

All of the above pointed out sites would be the most reliable brands within their particular industries, and Magento helps each one of these famous companies to enhance their presence online by supplying them a strong development platform.

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