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Quickbooks Online Versus Desktop

In today’s world of cloud hosting services, Quickbooks desktop is already quite popular among small businesses,though QuickBooks online is also catching up fast. Today, among those joining new, 8 out of 10 users are going for QuickBooks online versus desktop.

It always makes sense to know the difference between the QuickBooks online versus desktop if either you are a new user or you intend to change to QuickBooks online from desktop version.

In the upcoming edition of QuickBooks 2017, the focus will be purely on the online version.All the four versions already in use for Desktop will have the same features in 2017 and no effort is made to distinguish between the different versions of the desktop.

QuickBooks Desktop has one big advantage and that lies in its large inventoryhandling and also job costing. If you are a service-based business then you are not really concerned about inventory. In that case, QuickBooks Online offers you the following:

  • Your accountant or the bookkeeper can access it from anywhere by using their user id and password combination. Thus, QuickBooks online gives flexibility and convenience to access data from anywhere, whereas in desktop version you have to be right there.

  • If you are looking for things like automatically scheduling and sending the transactions, or want to attach the signatures, images or documents using any mobile device then QuickBooks online is the right choice for you. As it does not need any software installation, all you need to do is open the web browser from any device you have – whether mobile, PC or a laptop and log in to your account.
  • As you make changes in the data, it gets updated real time. This is really helpful as everyone has then access to new data real time.

QuickBooks online is a great product to keep track of day to day finances for small businesses.

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