Digital Marketing and the Emergence of Mobile Payments

The world has seen big changes with the development of the internet and nowhere is that more obvious then when we see how marketing has changed. In today’s modern world of digital marketing and social media, companies that don’t use the net to market themselves are missing the boat.

But with the new emergence of mobile payments married to digital marketing techniques on such platforms as social media, we begin to see a blurring of the lines between marketing and advertising and sales. While all three have traditionally worked in tandem, today’s online marketing can often include the development of mobile payment processing apps that combine the easy accessibility of mobile marketing with the thrill of impulse purchasing. It is the perfect marriage for many businesses.

Marketing, Websites and Purchasing Power

While today’s modern business would seem to be invisible if it doesn’t include a website at a minimum to reach out to its potential customers, it goes beyond simple website marketing. With the development of online purchasing through digital shopping carts and the ubiquitous presence of sites like PayPal to process these payments, buying online is no longer seen as a gamble.

Distributors for this type of payment from companies like AltaPay have made the choice in the type of mobile payment platform easier for marketing departments and web designers. Security has improved greatly, to the point where buying online through your smartphone from an app that processes your payments is seen as the next generation of shopping.

Shop as You Go

Why wait until you get to that store to make a purchase when you can go onto their app and make your order on the way? In fact, for many young users who find their phones as indispensable as breathing, why even bother to head for that store at all?

Shop online for shoes, pay for them from your phone and have them delivered in time for that club date tomorrow night. All of this can be done while riding the subway home from work and without having to leave your phone.

Social Media Marketing Pays

More importantly it can be done without even visiting that shoe website, but simply because you saw their marketing push on Facebook while cruising your friend’s comments. A quick survey of what they had to offer, and you have made that order, pushed your credit information and moved on to your chat with celebrities on Facebook. Social media marketing has never paid off faster, and more cheaply, then with the emergence of mobile payments.

Where to Next?

As we see the growing acceptance of mobile wallets and other forms of payment direct from smartphones, mobile marketing will emerge as the merging of online and physical shopping. We are already seeing the emergence of geography-based marketing that alerts smartphone users to sales in their vicinity from brick and mortar stores.

Mobile payments make this an impulse purchase that is even easier as phones are swiped against purchases and the user moves on with their day. The next steps may be even more virtual in their approach as online marketing, virtual wallets and local impulse shopping merge to be the new norm.

September 2018
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