Coordinating Telephone Answering Services with Today’s Technologies

Even with the updates in technology today, you still need to have your phone answered by a live phone operator. Virtual telephone services accommodate both small and large businesses and can be used for one of a variety of reasons. In fact, the best investment that you can make is to secure the services of a telephone answering company. This type of firm can assist you with the following activities even if you are a start-up company:

  • Virtual reception
  • Message taking
  • Emergency response call management
  • Overflow call answering
  • Outbound calling
  • Media responses and brochure requests
  • Holiday and temporary cover

What the Statistics Show

So, even if you requisition a company to take messages, you can also use the same firm to handle other aspects of telephone calling and answering. On average, you miss about 15% of your incoming calls if you are not utilising the services of a virtual phone answering service. Of that percentage, you will often not get a call back if the caller receives an engaged tone. Not only that, statistics show that 70% of the contacts will not leave a voice message or bother to call back.

An Easy Way to Manage Communications

If you establish telephone answering services, you can select which calls you want the service to answer. You can leave all the calls to the service or have the company’s receptionists step in when you are on another call. They can also intervene if you have popped out for an appointment or are in a meeting. All that you need to do is divert the calls to the company at your convenience.

Experienced and Skilled Operators

The women and men who answer calls at a telephone answering service are the life of the business. Therefore, they have the required skills and experience to answer calls in an amiable and professional manner.

Upgrade Your Customer Service

When you have this type of support 24/7, you will find that it greatly impacts your relationships with your customers. After all, if you hire someone in-house to answer your phone, he or she normally leaves at the end of a working day. However, if your phone calls are staffed 24/7, it means that you are able to upgrade your customer service offerings.

Call Routing: You Make the Choice

Out of hours, answering services can also send your messages to your e-mail business account. That way, you can stay on top of your calls and follow up accordingly. Plus, multiple calls can be answered on your behalf at the same time. You can also choose to divert only those calls that come through when you are currently taking a call or you can reroute all of your calls as well.

How Virtual Receptionists Generally Manage Calls

When virtual receptionists answer calls, they refer to a client’s instructions on how he or she would like his or her calls handled. That way, an operator knows how to answer the phone before he or she goes live. In addition, all the calls that are received are logged and made available for easy viewing by the client.

The Latest in Telephony Aids

By using a telephone service such as Message Direct, you can update the provider regularly as to your whereabouts. That way, an operator knows how to follow through on specific kinds of calls. Fortunately, today, thanks to the telephony resources used for phone answering, calls can be handled and directed with skill and ease.

Communications Software That Is Cutting-Edge

That is because in-house software is a mix of cutting-edge customised and industry tools all linked to a resilient and robust platform. As a result, the call technology centres around the reception software and enables receptionists to intelligently route calls and dial from their computers. In addition, telephony systems today allow for instant messaging by text and e-mail and are designed to facilitate seamless call transfers. CRM and order-taking are also included in the technology.

A Better Customer Experience

That is why virtual call services are popular. They can easily handle a higher volume of calls. The cost for outsourcing is also less than hiring and training a receptionist in-house. Therefore, many businesses in the UK and elsewhere depend on a virtual receptionist or call service to improve call response times and offer a better customer experience.

Making a First Good Impression on the Telephone

A traditional receptionist gives customers the initial impression of a company. A virtual receptionist or automated answering service does the same thing so you want to make sure that you work with a call answering service company that features timely service, accurate menus, and highly-professional live operators.

Make Sure You are Steering Down the Right Road

Give your customers and potential customers the kind of service and attention that they expect to receive. Using a third-party provider to offer receptionist assistance places you in the proverbial driver’s seat as a small business, professional practice, or large enterprise company.

Call Efficiency Equals a Greater Volume of Calls

When it comes to call transferring, a virtual receptionist or operator should be able to easily route calls to the right extension. Phone operators should be able to navigate and use menus with ease as well. The service that you select should also be able to answer calls quickly. That means that the representatives should be able to respond to enquiries and address any problems in a fast and efficient manner.

Maintaining Communications That Are First-Rate

A telephone answering company is an ideal solution for small businesses, health care providers, contractors, and enterprise companies. Large companies also use the services for overflow calls or media response enquiries.

Maintain a Human Feel

You can add to your service offerings or scale down depending on your business’s needs. Do not make the mistake of missing important customer calls. Have all your calls answered by a live operator. Whilst automation is helpful, customers still like talking to someone live when it comes to transacting business or communicating by phone. E-mails and texting should be used to support live-answering and virtual receptionist activities. The idea is to still maintain a human feel whilst properly integrating today’s computer technologies.

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