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5 Great Companies for Work-from-Home Writing Jobs

The good thing about being a writer is that you can get a job to write probably anything and you can manage to do it if writing is your passion, but on the flip side, jobs are not always easy to come by, especially well-paying and long-term jobs. However, there are job sites and content writing agencies that post writing jobs and writers and eBook copywriters can regularly use such sites so as to get jobs. Such sites will have part-time or full-time jobs as well as freelance or permanent jobs posted by clients who are on the lookout for content writing services.

5 great companies for work-from-home writing jobs are:

1.      ProBlogger: Although it is greatly known as a resource place for bloggers, the ProBlogger site posts job openings that are updated regularly; hence, providing writers with various job openings they can apply for. To make the process easier, you can even subscribe to receive alerts each time new jobs are posted.

  1. Contentmart: Contentmart is a very user-friendly website that allows a writer, whether he/she is experienced or a newbie, to immediately find work online in the niche they are looking for. Amidst thousands of job posts by clients eager to find reliable copywriters with a flair for writing, Contentmart is really the perfect mart to find work-from-home writing jobs.
  2. Upwork: Upwork is an international marketplace offering thousands of writing jobs to copywriters worldwide. Not only this but people can also find translation jobs and teaching jobs through Upwork is that is where their true talent lies.
  3. Elance: Elance is a massive freelance website like Upwork, though perhaps not as user-friendly. Here too, a writer can easily find numerous job postings and can bid on their preferred job that they would like to work on. Once the client accepts your proposal, you can then start working on the project to earn a neat side income.
  4. Freelancer: Talking about steady side incomes, Freelancer is another such amazing site giving a chance to millions of people worldwide to work from home. Freelancer, as the name suggests, enables a writer to find his/her place in the content writing world quite easily so that a writer can work according to his/her schedule without a steady 9-5 job.


As a writer, there are numerous sites that you can use to land your next writing job. These sites list numerous jobs, some being full-time while others are part-time. You can even get freelance jobs if you wish to work as a freelance writer and for that, the best source would be these freelance websites. Just try it and you will never be disappointed!

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